Los Chapillacs: Arequipa band arrives in Lima to offer a concert this July 2

It has been 15 years since a group of boys hungry to play and express themselves met in the traditional Barrio Del Solar, in Arequipa. From that natural mixture appeared The Chapillacsa band that during this time has positioned a great mix between two musical aspects such as chicha and psychedelia.

Along this route they have released the albums “Odisea cumbia 3000″ (2010, Descabellado studio – Lima), “Lo bien, lo malo, lo feo y los alaracosos Chapillacs” (2021, under the Spanish label Munster Records) and participating in a series of compilations in countries like the United States and England with singles like “I have betrayed your love”, “La cumbia delinquent”, among others. within that line, They have planned to hold a reunion concert with their Lima fans.

“We have reached an important milestone during these years”, says Yawar Mestas, who is the band’s bass player. “Our music has been heard on stages on the Coast, Sierra and Jungle of the country. In addition, we have toured countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Chile. For that reason, we are very happy to return to Lima, where we have several followers”he adds.

“Besides, it will be a nice opportunity to present ‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Alaracous Chapillacs’, our latest production that is in vinyl format, which appeared in a pandemic and we want to spread it. Undoubtedly, the experiences of these years are reflected in the themes of the latest musical production that have numerous references to music styles from Latin America and the world”points out.

The appointment will be this July 2 at the CC Festiva and is called ‘Lima Alaraca Festival’. They have planned a big party where there will be great guests such as Hit La Rosa, La Nueva Invasión, Manzanita jr and her group, Laurita Pacheco, among others. For those who want to attend the concert, they only have to buy their tickets on the platform Joinus.


After “Lima Alaraca”, The Chapillacs are preparing to embark on an international tour that will take them to countries such as Spain, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy. It will be held in November, but all the preparations have already been carried out to make it a unique experience.

“Cumbia and chicha continue to be the axes of the group’s compositions. In addition to this, other genres appear that contribute a lot to the themes. That is a point in which we differentiate ourselves and that has been the central axis of our career “adds Yawar Mestas.


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