Lory Del Santo very tough with her partner Marco Cucolo: “He didn’t defend me from certain accusations, I can’t let him pass”

“After nine years, you can’t help but know who I am. I felt hurt. I can’t justify it. In my life I have never been pointed out as a false and double person “. Like this Lory Del Santo to SuperGuidaTv. That happens? Context, Island of the Famous. The showgirl participated together with her young boyfriend, Marco Cucolo. The two have been a couple for nine years. Or rather, they were. Because Del Santo told the boy, still in Honduras, that when he comes back he can peacefully go and live with him. Adieu. Some on social media comment that it could be a move made by mutual agreement but the showgirl’s words are harsh: “He didn’t defend me from certain accusations. I can’t get him through this. If you don’t understand certain things, then I don’t want to share my life with you ”. From what accusations? Those of “buying the competitors” (not to go to nomination). Ah, what a life reality show!

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