Lorie refuses to dance with Billy Crawford in “DALS”, he replies: “To each his life”

Lorie Pester and Billy Crawford have been history for many years now. However, on the occasion of the 12ᵉ season of “Dancing with the Stars”, the production offered the French singer to share a dance with her ex-boyfriend, who participated in the program as an international star. Lorie refused this proposal, believing that it was moved. For his part, the Filipino-American dancer went one step further by adding: “To each his life.”


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Lorie and Billy Crawford set things straight: yes, they were a couple in the early 2000s, but now they have nothing to do with each other. During a live on YouTube, the French singer and actress explained that she had been approached by the production of “Dancing with the Stars” to share a performance with her ex-boyfriend. As a reminder, Billy Crawford participated in the 12ᵉ season of “DALS” on TF1, which he won last Friday alongside dancer Fauve Hautot.

“A lot of you tweeted and messaged me, because at some point in DALS there was a test where the dancers had to dance with masked people, anyway, we couldn’t see who was who. Everyone thought it was me dancing with Billy. But it was not me, no”, explained Lorie on YouTube, before adding: “On the other hand, the production had really asked me to come and dance (…). I found it a bit inflated all the same because hey, that’s what…”

Billy Crawford reacts

A position with which Billy Crawford obviously agrees. After his victory last Friday on TF1, the dancer confided in the subject of Lorie in the columns of Télé Star: “Everyone has their life now. We haven’t seen or spoken to each other for more than twenty years. I focused on my work, my craft, my life ever since. She has a family, I have mine and if we separated, it’s not for nothing. That said, the 40-year-old star clarified that he wouldn’t mind sharing a dance with Lorie.


An expected victory and an equal record for the final of “Dancing with the stars”

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