Lorena Comparato performed skin cancer removal: "I thought it was an inflamed sign"

Lorena Comparato32 years old, reported having had a skin cancer removed this week after being diagnosed with the disease after analyzing a biopsy.

In conversation with Marie Claire, the actress said that she did not know if a sign that she had was inflamed: “I thought it was a sign that I have, that it was inflamed.”

At the time, in 2020, Lorena was in the United States and sent a photo to the dermatologist, who asked her to come to the office after the trip. The artist, however, let two years pass and, during a recording, noticed the bleeding signal. Outside, the analyzes were carried out with the help of a dermoscope, in addition to the biopsy, where the cancer was discovered.

Diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, the least aggressive and most common skin disease, she recalls: “When I heard the word cancer, my whole body froze. I was very scared because an ex-boyfriend had had melanoma (the most aggressive type of skin), which can metastasize. And he got a giant scar on his chest. I thought about the scar that would be on mine. As an actress, how would I do it?”

“Would I have to do chemotherapy, radiation, shave my hair? My head went to thousands of places.” This week, Comparato carried out the removal of the cancer with a simple and punctual surgery, performed by Larissa Saboya. “It was very quiet. I did it in the office, took local anesthesia and attended the entire surgery. I took three stitches in the dermis and five in the epidermis”, she reports.

Lorena guarantees that the scar on her breast is not a subject that worries her: “Talking to Patrícia Pedrosa, director of Cine Holliúdy, she told me: ‘Love your scars. happy with it’. And that’s how I am”, he concluded.

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