Lore Improta tells about her sex life with Léo Santana after the birth of her daughter

Lore Improta gave details of her routine after the birth of Liz, her daughter with Léo Santana. On social networks, the dancer opened the question box and was asked about several subjects, including about how is the intimacy with the husband.

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“What was it like dating after a normal birth? Did you feel a lot of pain because of the stitches?”, asked a follower. “It was top. Nothing has changed, praise God. I know many women think it’s going to be slack but mine didn’t, no, you guys?! And I had a laceration,” he replied, referring to the breakage of the skin for the baby to come out.

Another follower wanted to know if the mother, who shared moments of pregnancy and postpartum with her followers, has already returned to her previous weight. Valley remember that Liz was born on September 26th.

“I’m a little overweight from before I got pregnant. The whole body composition has changed. I’m more fat, I’m flaccid, I have cellulite. This is normal. It took me nine months to generate a life, so at least nine months to come back to the body. And without charge”, he pointed out.

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