Lord Siva to DMA while girlfriend is heavily pregnant: ‘I have the phone close to me’

Lord Siva hit the DMA’s red carpet, where he could tell how close he and his girlfriend are to family augmentation.

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For it is about to be so close that Lord Siva, also known as Brian Savabalan, must stay ready to leave the show if something should happen on the home front.

“I have my mobile phone close to me, so I do not hope it happens tonight, because there is still some time left. If it happens now, then so be it. It may well happen tonight, “says Lord Siva.

The 31-year-old pop star forms a couple with model Ulrikke Toft Simonsen.

Danish Music Awards 2021 will be awarded at Værløse Air Base, Saturday 20 November 2021.

Danish Music Awards 2021 will be awarded at Værløse Air Base, Saturday 20 November 2021.
Photo: Claus Bech

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The preparations for the little one are well underway. Here comes Lord Siva with a big praise to Ulrikke Toft Simonsen.

‘I don’t feel like I can’t do that much. Ulrikke has really good control of everything and makes the home look presentable before the little one arrives, “says Lord Siva and adds.

“I have sung a few songs for my stomach,” says Lord Siva.

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And the prospect of family enlargement is something that makes Lord Siva nervous.

“It’s nerve-wracking that you do not quite know what is going to happen afterwards. I have plenty of time and that’s what I’m waiting for. That is my next task, ”says Lord Siva.

When Lord Siva is asked what the name of the child should be, however, he becomes in doubt about something. And that’s not what she’s called.

“I have not agreed with her,” said Lord Siva, grinning.

Lord Siva is nominated in three categories for the 32nd DMA. Danish soloist of the year, Danish radio hit of the year and Danish streaming hit of the year with the song ‘Stjernerne’.

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