Lord Minchev with fashion remarks: “The Chicken” Raina, like after a fight with roosters, Maria in the style of Chicken Nell, but not quite yet + PHOTOS

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15 January 2022, 16:14

We offer you the new comments of Lord Evgeni Minchev for the Telegraph newspaper in its weekly column TeleGAF.The forbidden clothes of Rachkov and Anita. And an armchair.The background – with the color of an insulting can, highlights even more egg – phosphor yellow in the clothes of Mrs. Anita. I am very excited by her slippers, with which she seems to prepare ripe beans with cabbage, lying on the stove Dream, as we had at home. Grandma was wearing the same slippers, so it’s easy to compare. Anitka combined this with a white robe – God forbid it is a mason’s coat, as well as with a pose that may have a late Roma girl at Central Station. The jeans add to the notebook in the fashion in which I put a middle 3, just because once Rachkov patted me on the shoulder. I’m still in treatment. Well, as I said Rachkov, he also underestimates fashion. I would give the shoes to Grisho to play tennis and … cat. Jacket and jeans is such a worn-out idea not to bring me your notebook, because I will put a couple. And just to ask – where did you get this cute armchair? There was a similar one in the trade union culture of transport workers. Raina’s “chicken”, like after a cockfight?They made a first-grader say, “I love Raina with honey,” but that’s a joke that only my sets laugh at. But I always think of him when I get a picture of the famous singer for comment. I love Raina with a hat, as long as she’s not in the picture. Combined with the obviously rough blouse, it gives the singer the look of a participant in a cockfight. Known to me as a gentle and vulnerable star, Raina can choose the right combinations to emphasize her femininity. Here she comes close to the images of some gloomy women from gloomy movies with gloomy endings. Where is the machine gun, where is the ammunition, where is the dugout where he lives … Wait, wait, is Raina going … stock?Maria in the style of Chicken Nell, but not quiteIn our club for longtime friends we have a funny greeting – “Hello, Mare”. Well, hello Mare to you too, in this Christmas and New Year landscape, including a Christmas tree, a singer and a marble. The boots are not red as in the song, they are black and harass my eyes as a Saturday fashion critic. Black and a holiday are connected only if the mother-in-law is mentioned. Joke, my dear Mare. The cute minion of popfolk has put herself in something like a sports team, which is either additionally cut or is factory-made. In both cases, it has no fashion value for me, especially since it does not give Maria any special shine. As it is, you can shop at the grocery store, go for a little curl or a big wax mask. Behind her, a bag from a prestigious brand, completely does not fit the clothes, even refutes it. I can only guess if Coco Chanel can see that she won’t be very happy. My boyfriend is calling from the kitchen – what is Chicken Nell? Hi Mare, I told him too and I realized that the world is not the same.Preslava – a lot of fabric … for nothing!I see another candidacy for Snow White through what Preslava is wearing. However, my dear friend has made her own version of the fairytale heroine, removing everything fairytale we can expect. I find this dress so boring that it can be especially suitable for the Christmas night of the heiress of a Swiss family with a chocolate factory. There is something rotten in the cut, not rotten but rather stuffy, something worn out and sluggish. Something like a curtain on a house that is abandoned and the furniture is covered in white sheets. Murder was committed in some such houses. This is not, of course, just aesthetic suicide, but these things are a matter of personal choice. Pockets, fistons, collar, harbala and belt are the heavy artillery of this unnecessarily burdened garment. Most of our people would accept this fabric only for kitschy bed linen. Most tractor drivers would sew a short-sleeved summer shirt. The singer even looks insecure if I read the signs of her posture or face correctly.Citiridis on the path of grandfather StefchoCitiridis has always been exciting with its combinations, reinforcing his appearance as a comedian. But when he starts pretending to be a circus, I personally don’t take it. Here, he looks like a presenter at an entertainment bar with old city songs, where between Dance Gypsy and Oh, remember, ma’am, he announces a number with training white rabbits and gray mice. Not to be outdone, make a comparison with old circus programs and photos. Someone made a great joke with him by putting him in a mouse-gray striped jacket, putting on a bomber jacket, and as weak and fluffy as Laurel and Hardy. The trousers outline the rounded thighs, the shoes protrude just like a veranda and the cane barely makes symmetry between the accessories so that the frame does not fall apart. I recommend Kolyo to take a loan from the aesthetic budget of fashion banks, such as magazines and online publications, in order to move away from his aesthetic image. Otherwise, the interest would cost him ridiculous reactions, which will take him to the column of the legendary grandfather Stefcho. My boyfriend asks me – didn’t he come home? Well, he came. Not Grandpa Stefcho, but Citiridis.

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