Lord Evgeni Minchev released the guillotine: Buffani, “Chanel” and plastic at Sofka, Polly with orange “polygen”, as from the purity and more + PHOTOS

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November 20, 2021, 4 p.m.

We offer you the new comments of Lord Evgeni Minchev for the Telegraph newspaper in its weekly column TeleGAF.The four from the fashion stock – men in black?Like a circus poster smeared after rain is the photo I have to look at and comment on. On the left, on the far left, I see Lubo Kirov, whose style makes him look like a brand new felt-tip pen – stretched, black, dense, and not quite durable. His white sneakers are a small hope for a young man from … Hope, but otherwise they are for returning to the mall from which they were taken. Galena is standing so that it can be taken as her cardboard model. You’ve seen similar ones in video libraries. My boyfriend claims that he has never seen a video library. Dara is a latex gift and if we add a whip, I don’t know what will come as a suggestion. I think that the leather sofa and armchair could have been repaired from the wasted material here. The hairstyle and pearls in this leather-latex company are a bit like adding lyutenitsa on red caviar, so to speak, for volume. Is Ivan Lechev on the right, on the far right, or did they copy Lubo again, there for luxury.Skirts with orange “polygen”, as from the purity …I guess that’s how far you get when you want to be up to date on Instagram every day … A huge orange volley accompanies the silhouette of Polly Genova, on which more patent leather boots run, starting from and reaching far below the orange abyss. Braid ala Pippi Longstocking shows how braid today’s fashion can be. It sits like a bunch of dried corn on a fence and seems to have been made for another vision of the singer. I don’t know if Polly is proud of what she’s wearing, but she poses with confidence, as if she were the first deputy director in cleanliness. She used to maintain a certain fashion status, which I think she broke up with without realizing it. With age, a woman should have aesthetic achievements and not wrap them in clouds of textile misunderstandings. While I’m thinking about the matter of this orange thing, I remember whether to call it in my words – waterproof polygen …Bulana does a bear service to the singerNina Nikolina, like a rare bird, sometimes lands in my field of vision and brings me long smiles. Why? Because while I love her stage nature, I have fun with what she is wearing. Today, completely far from my ideas about her, the singer has put on a coat, which not only does her a disservice but also makes her look like a newborn bear. In the sudden November cold, did the star not just put on the first blanket in the situation … Believing that an evil does not come alone, did you notice the tiara in which the absence of any triumph is celebrated? reason to be there. Whether it is sadness for a past kingdom or royal nepotism for what is happening, I do not know. Nina Nikolina can afford a pair of horns, but who would still need it … As I want to be in the service of my dear friend, I wonder why, as she is dressed in this veil anyway, she did not choose some bombastic color such as pink, honey or lemon. That way, things would have worked out well, although my comments had remained the same.Strange similarities of Desi Tsoneva with DarevaGreen, green, as long as all your clothes are in green … Everything is so green with Desi Tsoneva that I want to invite a herd of cows to graze. Or at least take out my big watering can and water it around while my garden dreams come true under this greenery. Here the green is not spared to such an extent that even the armchair, brought in an unknown way and why, turns green with a nice patience under and around Desi. It can be seen that the white and slightly sprayed T-shirt and the gray belt play in a team that has no chance against the United Green Emirates around. I had not seen a mature woman with a beret for a long time, except perhaps the venerable Mrs. Dareva, years ago. A good sign is that the glasses and shoes fit, but a bad sign is that they do not fit anything else in this frame. Wouldn’t Desi want to see me for coffee and give her some fashion advice …Buffans, Chanel and plastic at SofkaWhat a scale, a real operetta overture / does Sofka know that word /, what outlines made as if the fabric knew how far to stretch. The charming beating beats in the style of Chanel, but I think that if she herself were alive, like all today’s and then seamstresses, they would smile condescendingly at this experience. The boyfriend pushes me and asks if I’ve seen this puff sleeve. Why not, I tell him, this is Niagara Falls on the fabrics. One sleeve, the poor one, fell so hard on the other that it slipped on in bad weather. Huge deposits of plastic buttons show that today big doesn’t mean valuable. Why is this polo under a garment claiming to be formal? I would rather recommend Marinova to stay with a silk blouse underneath and a pearl necklace on it, maybe a fake one. I would refer the hairstyle and make-up to other aesthetic possibilities for the singer to try. Here, this effort fades and makes Sophie look like she’s made up of different shots.


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