Longoria is playing his reputation at OM, Latour is waiting for him around the corner

New OM coach Igor Tudor was presented to the press on Tuesday. The Croatian is not necessarily well known in France when we mentioned more high-sounding names. He is the personal choice of Pablo Longoria, who will have to assume the future results according to Bertrand Latour.

OM supporters, observers and all of French football will have to get used to his name. The Croatian Igor Tudor has spent a large part of his life in Italy, as a player and then a coach. Here he is propelled to the head of the vice-champion of France Marseille with the Champions League to play in the coming months. If his character and his game plan perfectly follow those of Jorge Sampaoli, we cannot say that all OM followers were excited at the idea of ​​his arrival. It must be said that he is not well known in France, that his track record is limited and that more seller names had been mentioned.

Audacity or stupid risk, Longoria will be quickly fixed

Roberto De Zerbi, Julien Stéphan in particular whose careers are hailed by all and reassure OM supporters more. Igor Tudor has had little opportunity to show himself on the European scene, having rather rubbed shoulders with Italian mid-table clubs. But, with his transalpine network, Pablo Longoria trusted him to lead the destiny of the Marseille club next season and particularly in the Champions League. Journalist Bertrand Latour remains doubtful about this choice, believing that the Marseille president was making a real risky bet.

I have the feeling that Pablo Longoria, by choosing this coach, really puts himself on the front of the stage. It’s a bold choice. From audacity to risk, there is only one step and if the bet is not necessarily a winner, he will be blamed for having chosen a coach who does not have a big CV. History will tell. In any case, what pleased Pablo Longoria was the Italian mentality of this Croatian coach “, he indicated in the Team of Greg this Tuesday evening. Only the ground will give its truth but, in Marseille more than elsewhere, the patience of the supporters is not very strong. Igor Tudor is warned in the same way as Pablo Longoria.

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