Long live the spirits! celebrates 45 years: Knight Brtník from Brtník tasted Alpa!

Even if the director Oldřich Lipský (†62) was not the author of cult comedies such as Four murders is enough, dear, children’s laughter would introduce him to the film hall of fame. Film Long live the spirits! premiered on November 11, 1977. The story about a group of children who during the holidays improve a castle ruin with the help of supernatural beings under the guidance of the spirit of the knight Brtník from Brtník (Jiří Sovák (†79)) soon became a modern classic. “Fujtajbl ve spolek” was just a message from a confused Brtník, which became popular. “For me, these are wonderful memories. When we shot the film, it was a great adventure,” said Aha! some time ago Jiří Procházka (59), then a 13-year-old representative of the main boy role of Jenda. “On the set, we they met wonderful people, it was unforgettable,” agreed Dana Vávrová (†41), the representative of the spirit of Leontýnka, who was only nine years old at the time of filming. The film, which was originally supposed to be a celebration of pioneers, has thus become a comedy full of magic movies and fairy tales, with which he still entertains.

The agitation did not work for the comrades

The comedy was originally intended as an agitator about pioneers full of period ideology. The theme of Jiří Melíšek (†83), prepared among others for the actor Antonín Jedlička (†70), was very significantly rewritten in the final script Zdeněk Svěrak (86). Even though some details had to be preserved, in the end an apolitical and comprehensible story for children was created in a time of rigid normalization.

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Small actors, big aces

A number of big names appeared in the film in their first roles. Actors got a taste of the world of cinema in a group of children Peter Vacek (57) a Tereza Brodska (54) or choreographer and co-author of the musical Dracula Richard Hes (†50). He had his second major role here Tomas Holy (†21), the main part of the ethereal Leontýnka was played by Dana Vávrová, who later broke through as a director in Germany as well. For example, the double for Jiří Sovák was Petr Jákl Sr. (80). And for composers Jaroslav Uhlíř (77) was the first film for which he composed music.

You know that…

…the youngest member of the party was played by Jiří Brož from the children’s home, who was then adopted by Vladimír Krška (†74), an actor from the Prague Theater in Vinohrady?

…the film was newly digitized this year and successfully shown in summer cinemas throughout the Czech Republic?

Tomas Holy. Two full years of filming made him the most famous kid in the country

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