Lombardy, seizure of 6 million from Pierino Zanga: “Procurements shared with entrepreneurs contiguous to a context of ‘Ndrangheta”

Links with entrepreneurs contiguous to “un context of ‘Ndrangheta” with whom, for years, he shared public Works among the sweet tooth in Lombardyfrom the million-dollar works for the construction of line 5 of the Milan subwayup to rail connections for the airport intercontinental of Malpensa. The entrepreneur from Bergamo Pierino Zanga played multiple tables for at least ten years, during which time he showed “la its social danger” ringing dozens of crimes (never aggravated by the mafia), mostly financial, but also of corruption. Yesterday the Prevention Measures section at the Court of Milanaccepting the proposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the economic-financial police unit of the Finance Guardordered the seizure of approx 6 millionof which about 2 have already been confiscated.

Money that for the court, over time, Zanga has drained from a company network attributable to frontmen and screened by foreign companies, channeling the money from Switzerland to numbered accounts at Bahamas and registered to anonymous Panamanians. Added to this are tax violations mostly social security for approx 20 million. Zanga in 2016 was involved in the investigation Underground educated by the then head of the anti-mafia Ilda Boccassini and from Gico. Already then the ability of Zanga and his associates emerged, some linked to the most influential ‘ndrine, to secure public subcontracts through corruption, even in the works of Northern Railways.

The Prosecutor writes: “Zanga emerged as dominus of a business chainwhich for decades appeared to have alternated in the execution of works of subcontract aimed at the realization of large works of public interest”. The Lombard entrepreneur for that investigation was definitively convicted of corruption And criminal association. And later also for recycling. The latest acquisitions have shown that Zanga has put together a real estate treasure with “illicit money” held by a safe company in the name of his wife and by one domiciled in the United Arab Emirates. Among the buildings seized also the walls of the splendid Harmony inn in the province of Bergamo, today managed by third parties not involved in the affair. A real system that of the “Zanga group” which from 2003 to 2013 opened and closed companies diverting “part of the resources to re-employ them in other collateral activities such as Locanda Armonia itself”.

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