Lombardy, green light to the Caregiver law. Protest by associations: “They don’t know what it means to assist a family member 24 hours a day”

The bill (pdl) on the recognition of Caregivers was approved by Lombardy Region Council and it became law on November 22nd. The center-right majority in the Pirellone voted, as expected, for the text that establishes some indications regarding the personal assistants of people with serious or very serious disabilities residing in Lombardy. The pdl is not liked by various family associations which protect the rights of disabled people and which this morning, to publicly express their dissent, organized a protest garrison under the Palazzo di Regione Lombardia in Piazza Duca d’Aosta. “This morning before the vote in the Chamber we were summoned by the vice president of the III Commission for Health and Social Policies and rapporteur of the pdl, Simona Tironi (Forza Italy)who gave us reassurances on the fact that some of our requests to improve the law approved today will be implemented in the near future” he comments Theresa Bellinireferent of the National Coordination for Disabled Families (Confad) in Lombardy, among the associations promoting the sit-in. “There are many questionable points that need to be reviewed and explored, first of all the question of coexistence and continuity of care work that is missing in the text of the law”, add the organizations. “During the meeting with Dr. Tironi – says Bellini – we all expressed our views our doubts and underlined the critical points, you listened to us carefully and stated that this law is only a first step. Starting tomorrow we will be able to collaborate for adjustments and implementing resolutions. We thank you for your availability and look forward to talking to you as soon as possible because the family associations they must have a leading role in drafting the laws that concern the person with disability and consequently his family. Caregivers have been waiting for a fair and necessary recognition for too long”.

For the moment there is the definitive approval of the pdl much disputed by many associations active in the area from Milan to Varese, from Bergamo to Brescia, Lodi and beyond. Satisfaction came from the majority led by the president Attilio Fontana (League) besides from Emanuele Monti (League), president of the Health Commission at the Pirellone. “Lombardy Region – declares Monti – will take charge of being the driving force of integration of the activity of the family caregiver within the regional system of social, socio-medical and health services, through the programming skills of Ats and Asst. But the role of the Municipalities will also be important, which they will guarantee with their own social services the support necessary for the caregiver to carry out qualified and appropriate assistance”. Instead, disapproval came from the opposition from the Pd to the M5S in the regional council that he believes “incomplete” And “far from the real needs of families of people with disabilities” the first Lombard law on caregivers, confirming their availability for a direct confrontation with the associative world.

“We welcome Tironi’s availability and listening to whom we have submitted all our perplexities” he declares to Fatto.it Lucky Nicoletti, vice president of Nobody’s Excluded. “Perplexities that have multiplied in the face of some interventions by councilors in the Chamber who have demonstrated once again a total unawareness of what it means to assist a non self-sufficient relative on a daily basis and 24 hours a day. Very few amendments approved and of little importance compared to our requests “. Nicoletti reiterates the criticisms coming from family members’ organizations active in the area but also expresses “satisfaction with the discussion with Dr. Tironi who this morning represented all the group leaders especially with respect to a very clear request from us: starting today, family members’ associations will necessarily have to be heard with respect to measures that impact their lives and we have received assurances on this non-negotiable request”. The organizations adhering to the protest sit-in and who also entered the courtroom during the voting operations finally affirm that “we will constantly monitor the impacts of this law and we will work to improve it while waiting for a provision to finally arrive from the Italian parliament recognizing the figure of the caregiver and giving us full legal rights and adequate economic support”.

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