Lombardia, Dalla Chiesa opens in Moratti: “I would go and see the program”. And from Lazio D’Amato defines it as “an excellent candidacy”

The center left must support the candidacy of Letizia Moratti in Lombardy region? “I would go to see the programme“. Word of Born from the Churchsociologist, son of Carlo Alberto – the general of the carabinieri killed by Cosa Nostra in 1982 – and historical reference point of the Milanese anti-mafia. “For the Lombard center-left it is time to face the open sea, otherwise you risk locking yourself up in a political monastery”, says the Church, interviewed by Corriere della Sera. But why the professor decided to take a surprise side for the former minister of Silvio Berlusconi? “I could say how Woody Allen that ‘sometimes I think of things that I don’t agree with’, but in reality I am convinced that it is worthwhile a credit openingbecause I certainly don’t want to see the usual movie again centre-left“.

What film is the Church referring to? “We find ourselves in a Milanese theater, there are comedians, actors, a conductor who shows us the beauties of the candidate, a representative of the LGBT world, an African immigrant, a young man who deals with assets confiscated from the mafia, a singer-songwriter, then comes the candidate who invites us to rediscover politics, accompanied by applause every 15 words. We leave happy and in the elections we take 15 to 20% and lose. Everything remains as before, because on the other side there is a granite block of power that can count on such a wave of consensus as to allow Daniela Santanché double in the polls an intellectual like Carlo Cottarelli and in Sesto Emanuele Fiano lose with Isabella Rauti“, is the reasoning of the sociologist, who preaches “rather an act of courage”. Yet the whole story of Letizia Moratti is a right-wing story: from the Berlusconi government to the helm of Marino Palace in Milan up to the assignment in the Lombardy Region, as deputy of the Northern League Attilio Fontana: “It is true – replies from the Church – but we are beginning to take note that he has distanced himself from two very identifying measures for the right, such as the reintegration of doctors No vax and the raising of the cash limit”. And to think that in the past it had been the same from the Church very critical for the almost denier tones towards the mafia of the then mayor of Milan. “But last September, invited to the State University for the tenth anniversary of studies on organized crime, surprised everyone with a report that expressed very different positions. So from 2010 to today it has made a journey”, replies from the Church who underlines: “Are we aware of the effect on a national level of a possible defeat of the right in Lombardy?”.

The professor’s opening was certainly unexpected. And that arrives in the same hours as Alessio D’Amatogubernatorial candidate Laziolaunches his endorsement in the direction Milan. Interviewed a A sheep’s day on Radio Onesaid he aspires to be “the unitary candidate of the entire centre-left, from Pd to the Third pole to the red-green area up to + Europe and ai Radicals. I am confident in unity”. The former councilor of Nicola Zingaretti he recalled his relationship of “esteem with Calenda” and then judged that of Moratti in Lombardy as “an excellent candidate”. A phrase that did not escape the Lazio center-left: “To say you appreciate Moratti is only the latest way to present yourself as the candidate of the Third Pole, so you can’t go on”, is how Republic Rome summarizes the discontent of the Capitoline demos. For sure there is only that up to now Moratti’s tear against the center-right has ignited above all relations within the center left.

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