Loki could make Doctor Who canon in the MCU

According to Screen Rant, there is a possibility that the second season of Loki will make Doctor Who a canon for the MCU.

It may seem unusual, but it really isn’t that impossible. This comes from an old connection in comic books.

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First, a little context: Marvel Comics doesn’t just publish superhero stories. It was not so especially in the past.

Transformers comics, for example, were from Marvel. And that was also the case with the Doctor Who comics.

This is not to say that all of this was part of the same universe. However, sometimes these franchises “talked” to each other.

Forgotten connection between Transformers, Doctor Who and Marvel

A major point of connection between Marvel, Transformers and Doctor Who is the character Death’s Head, which first appeared in the 1980s.

He was a robotic bounty hunter who originated in the Transformers universe. In a crossover, he was eventually taken to the Doctor Who universe, where he began a rivalry with the Doctor.

However, when the Doctor saved his life, Death’s Head put the rivalry aside. But there was still one problem: he didn’t fit into the Doctor Who universe.

That’s how the Doctor decided to transport him to the Marvel Universe, where the robot went to work for the Authority of Temporal Variance (AVT).

As you may have already remembered, AVT is of utmost importance to the plot of Loki. This opens the door for Death’s Head to appear in season two.

Interestingly, this would create a link not just with Doctor Who, but with Transformers as well. All because of old and classic comic books.

Loki is available on Disney+.

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