Lobby, the proposal to regulate them comes to the Chamber. Baldino (M5s): “Now to approve a law that the country has been waiting for for 50 years”

The bill to regulate lobbying for public decision makers arrives in the Chamber in the Chamber. “A historic milestone” he defined it in his speech at Montecitorio Vittoria Baldino, group leader of the 5 Star Movement in the Constitutional Affairs Committee and rapporteur of the provision. “This is a measure that our country has been waiting for for half a century because in the last fifty years, and after 97 bills, it has the first time that a text manages to land in Parliament after completing his process in committee “. The text, which is the result of long mediations between the parties, also envisages the creation of a register of stakeholders, to which lobbyists who have relations with institutions and public administrators will be obliged to register. “Today in our legal system there isn’t one definition of lobbying nor an organic discipline of the activity of interest representation, so much so that the report by Transparency International assigns our country a very low rating, precisely because of the poor levels of transparency, integrity and equal access to the decision-maker. To equip our country with clear and certain rules on the representation of interests it is a goal that we must accomplish, especially in view of the forthcoming resources of the NRP which will have to be spent in the best possible way. Today we are called to make up for this delay and this culpable legislative gap, aligning our country with European standards in terms of transparency, inclusion and participation in public decisions that have an impact on the life of all of us and of the whole community ”, concluded Baldino. “It is clear that wherever there is legislation governing the relationship between a stakeholder and a public decision-maker, there is also a better quality of the laws issued. And it is the sector itself that is clamoring to have clear rules, in order to distinguish those who work professionally from the fixers on duty ”added the deputy of the M5s Francesco Silvestri, first signatory of the proposal of the merged into the consolidated act on the discipline of the activity of interest representation. “Now Parliament has an important challenge ahead, because the country will have to spend the best resources of the Recovery and for this, we need quickly that the law on lobbying comes to fruition”

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