Loana’s comments about Princess Diana that scandalize: this time, she has gone too far!

Decidedly, Loana has not finished talking about her. This Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the star of “Loft Story” shared several publications in which she honors the many magazine covers she has had the chance to do since her debut in the show business world. ” An overview of my career before you criticize me and I’m proud of it to have done over 100 magazine covers more than Lady Diana so please have some respect… “wrote the BFF of Eryl Prayer. Words that did not go unnoticed.

“Totally inappropriate”

For good reason… Internet users were taken aback by the comparison between his person and the former Princess of Wales. “The comparison is totally inappropriate…”, “Don’t compare yourself to our Diana, you don’t come close to her, it’s insulting to our Princess, a little respect all the same”, “‘Loana, the descent in hell’, ‘Loana, the tragic disappearance’, ‘Loana, I was abused again’ etc… Great as magazine covers…”, “LADY DI has been around the world, she made the front page of all the magazines… The comparison is really not well chosen”, “It was mainly for your physique and your antics unfortunately, Lady Di was a woman who never posed in her underwear or other”, “Don’t don’t compare to what is not comparable! “, “It is not comparable… It is moved… Respect for Lady Di a little all the same”, “More than Lady Di not”, “Lady Diana was as distinguished as Loana is vulgar”, “The comparison n does not take place… No relationship between the beautiful woman that was Lady Di… and Loana who had her moment of fame and Diana a beautiful woman with a tragic destiny”, could we read in the comments. Yet another bad buzz for the former reality TV candidate.


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