Loana: the former star of "loft story" unveils its cachet "Incredible Transformations" and… the amount is crazy!

Not enough to make the trip of his dreams… If the fans suspected it, Loana has just confirmed with our colleagues from Here is that the salary received for his participation in Incredible Transformations was nothing transcendent. But the former star of loft story also made a point of rectifying certain points and in particular denying the remarks of Nicolas Waldorf who had accused her of “buzz race” when she had tackled the production of the program which had “touched” her hair when she had formally forbidden them.

“If I wanted to race the buzz, I would do something else! He makes me laugh”she dropped, to respond to the relooker, first before specifying:I get naked in a swimming pool, the buzz is done. I really don’t need them to talk about me”. Following her speech, the one who made a remarkable appearance at the last Cannes Film Festival then wanted to provide details and defend herself against the accusations of which she had been the victim. Especially those who accused him of “hover during filming”.

A small amount

“It shocks me a lot. When I arrived, I was super fit. It started at 8 is sure that I was not fresh in the morning”she defended herself before explaining: “And it ended at 10 p.m. So I wasn’t high except I closed my eyes when they were doing my makeup and doing my hair to recover the hours of sleep. I was just a little tired because I woke up at 7 a.m..

Finally, Loana wanted to reveal her stamp, which some will consider ridiculous, for the filming of the program. “JI was paid 450 euros. It’s misery to do this horror!”, she swings. On the other hand, she assured that the production had “all taken care of” especially in terms of transport. But no compensation for his makeover “missed”. “For them, they thought they had done their job well, she explained. Why were they going to compensate me for a job that I hated? Everyone has their own tastes as they say!”she finally concludes.

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