Loana posts topless photo and gets smashed by her Instagram followers

Always very present with her community on social networks, Loana regularly shares her daily life from her Instagram account. But this Wednesday, November 16, the first winner of Loft Story wanted to dive back into the past and take a look in the rearview mirror. The one who recently settled in the south of France posted a snapshot taken in the early 2000s where she posed topless. A way perhaps also for her to relive moments when she was aware of her media and above all physical glory. “In black and white… Tender and sensual: that’s probably a lot of me!!“, she captioned.

But this small access of nostalgia has not really convinced its subscribers who have been very hard with it. “That was before”, “that was before.. and you have to move forward and not look back to get out of it, take yourself in hand to become a beautiful woman again like in the photo… but you have to want it. .you have the cards in your hands and not to feel sorry for a fighter… don’t hide your face and be realistic… only you can decide that. I sincerely wish you.”, “It’s high time loana if I can allow you to stop living in the year 2000 or it was your moment of glory we are in 2022 now it’s time for you to turn the page a good once and for all you will see more clearly”, “What a waste“, can we read among the comments.

Questioned in the morning of Virgin radio by Guillaume Genton, Loana confided that she suffered from psychiatric disorders. Monday, November 14, the ex-lofteuse thus revealed to be “bipolar with schizophrenia tendencies”. “I made a denialI do not have didn’t take my meds, I now realize that it is very useful. So I’m really sick and I’m considered disabled.”, she explained.


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