Loana: It’s time for the mea culpa… she FINALLY speaks out after her remarks about Lady Diana!

This Wednesday, November 16, Loana was at the heart of a new controversy. The reason ? The Loft Story star dared to compare herself to the former Princess of Wales. ” An overview of my career before you criticize me and I’m proud of it to have done over 100 magazine covers more than Lady Diana so please have some respect… “, she wrote in several publications. Words that aroused strong reactions.

The comparison with Lady Di is really out of place. In fact, it’s simply not comparable”, “She worked all her short life against poverty, AIDS, anti-personnel mines in the world… comparing yourself to her is nonsense”, “You can’t comparing you to Diana, Loana, it’s inappropriate and… just super weird. I don’t even understand “, could we read in the comments.

“I can’t even come close to him »

Aware of having made a huge blunder, the best friend of Eryl Prayer therefore took hold, once again, of her networks in order to make her mea culpa. ” I really apologize with all my heart if my comment on the number of magazine covers was higher than Lady Diana who is one of my idols, an extraordinary woman and I do not even come close to her, I admit it in all sincerity, it was very awkward and inappropriate of me to even put my first name next to his… I am a fan and amazed in front of the princess of hearts of the world… I apologize again “, she explained in yet another post.

An opportunity for his detractors to give a layer… Fortunately, Loana was also able to count on the support of his admirers who were numerous to defend him and ask him to stop apologizing.


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