Loana: "Beaten up" behind the scenes of "TPMP" after an altercation, his ex-agent swings shocking photos!

Kicks, punches, bruises on the body, stoppage of several days… On Thursday, September 23, 2021 C8 viewers attended a very eventful number of “Touche pas à mon poste”. On the occasion of his birthday, Cyril Hanouna wanted to reconcile those at war. Like Gilles Verdez and Jean Messiha, or even Fabrice Di Vizio with the chroniclers of TPMP. But also and above all Sylvie Ortega and Eryl Prayer, in conflict for months following the Loana affair.

A meeting on the set between the two which started very badly: “You’re getting old! It’s the tour… The banana, there I think it’s a loss of hair, you put everything in front of” first threw out the ex-agent of Loana, before Eryl Prayer answered without limit “Me on the other hand, I don’t have big ears and are going to have your c ** liposucked in Turkey. Eh Dumbo. You want to attack the physical? We will attack the physical”. If these reproaches initially amused the public and Cyril Hanouna, the situation very quickly degenerated.

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Behind the scenes, Loana’s two friends met, and according to information from Sylvie Ortega, she was beaten by the man, “I was brutally assaulted in the hallway of C8 by the cracked Eryl “ she confessed on Instagram. A testimony without follow-up, which she decided to prove on November 18 with shocking photos of her bruises on her body, and proof of a medical certificate drawn up on requisition giving her the right to 6 days of ITT… We leave you discover :

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