Loana: 20 years after the Loft, she replays the pool scene with the man of her life

Would Loana have reconnected with her old demons? After yet another slump and hospitalization in Paris, Loana had set sail for the south of France to live alongside her friend Eryl Prayer, in a healthier setting. If the pretty blonde had tried to reassure her fans by revealing her new professional projects, now she is worried again because of the strange videos she is currently posting on Instagram.

Faced with the many criticisms and questions from Internet users, she also wanted to make things clear: “I just wanted to laugh and no, I’m not drugged or alcoholic. I just wanted to make you laugh. instead of the slick pics they put of me.. And yes, I love having fun.. Where’s the harm??” she chanted.

Loana: this photo in a swimming pool that amuses her fans
During her stint in Loft Story, Loana had shocked viewers because of a scene of sexual intercourse with Jean-Edouard, in the swimming pool of the house. This Thursday, June 23, 2022, the former reality star, now 44 years old, shared on Instagram, a photo of her where she appears in a swimming pool, in the arms of Eryl Prayer. “A true friendship” she wrote in the caption to recall the nature of their relationship in the face of couple rumors.

It was enough for Internet users to fall on him again: “He took dear Jean-Edouard”, “Loana is naked on his stories but dressed in a swimming pool”, “The swimming pool season 2”, “A blow business, a blow couple, a blow friendship, it is nonsense”, “Lack of modesty these poor people” can one for example read.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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