Lizy Tagliani shared a hilarious photo with her boyfriend Sebastián Nebot: "I did not notice it"

After his scandalous separation with Leo Alturria, Lizy Tagliani bet on love again with Sebastian Nebota young man from Mendoza who has an active political participation together with the senator for the Front of All, Anabel F. Sagastiof which she is seen more than in love and happy for more than a month.

The lovebirds already enjoyed a trip to Mendoza and the humorist met several friends of her partner. In addition, since they whitewashed their romance, the couple usually share their adventures through their social networks and show that they live the best moment of the relationship, where laughter abounds.

On this occasion, the driver once again took for granted the excellent bond with her partner and made a funny publication with him that surprised all her fans and followers.

True to his style, Tagliani showed himself to his lover and placed a filter on him, very popular these days, that deforms the features of the face and reflects an expression of tears. “Thank you @llamameantiguo for the photo. I hadn’t realized how happy he was with me hahahahahahahaha @sebasnebot“, Lizy Tagliani wrote humorously.

Watch the video and learn more about Lizy Tagliani’s new courtship!

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