Lizard hidden in womans bra revealed after traveling 6000 KM had become such a condition

How would you feel if after a journey of 6 thousand kilometers you come to know that a lizard is hidden in your undergarment. Of course you will be shocked and a little scared too. This is exactly what happened to a British woman. Lizards are a common fauna for Indian people because lizards are found in abundance in India, but there are no lizards in Britain. Because of this, this woman was further frightened. However, instead of doing any harm to the lizard, he handed it over to an organization working for animals and other creatures.

Actually this British woman had gone to Barbados for a holiday. When she returned from there, a lizard was also with her, which had come hiding in her bra. This lizard reached South Yorkshire after traveling 4000 miles (about 6437 km) with him. While unpacking the suitcase, the woman felt that there was something in her bra, when she looked, she saw a black lizard. The woman named this lizard as Barbie.

Lizard’s life saved from luck

When 47-year-old Russell saw the black lizard coming out of his bra, he was very scared, but later he saw that the lizard was even more scared than him. He told that while packing his luggage, he had kept that bra at the top of the suitcase. For this reason this lizard remained alive even after traveling 6000 km. Now Russell has given this lizard to the organization, which works for the animals.

RSPCA is taking care of the lizard

This lizard, which came from Barbados, is currently kept under the care of the RSPCA. This organization takes care of animals. According to the RSPCA inspector, it would be illegal to release this lizard in the UK, as this species is not found here. Lizards cannot survive in the UK climate. However, the specialist reptile keeper is taking care of him right now.

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