Livorno, sixteen year old falls while chasing the bus and goes into cardiac arrest: it is serious

He falls on the street while trying to chase the bus, hits his face and is taken ill: now a 16-year-old boy is hospitalized in serious condition in the Livorno hospital. The tragedy occurred at the plant Garibaldi Streetshortly after the minor left school.

In order not to miss the bus, the boy ran but tripped, falling to the ground, causing a facial trauma with subsequent syncope. The 118 sent an ambulance to the scene, where the doctor found a volunteer rescuer who had practiced cardiopulmonary resuscitation because the boy had gone into cardiac arrest.

The doctor used the defibrillator and took the 16-year-old to the emergency room in code red, where he was intubated and defibrillated again. Now he is hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the hospital Leghorn.

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