Living happy days, Cristiana Jesus reveals an old dream: “It’s something I’ve always dreamed of…”

Cristiana Jesus and Cláudio Alegre are good examples of former reality-show competitors who, in addition to having built a life together, knew how to take advantage of the media exposure they achieved to launch a successful business on social media.

After a turbulent phase, in which they almost lost everything due to the pandemic, the couple reinvented themselves and managed to grow a business through a lot of work, as the businesswoman said recently: “In full quarantine, without dancing, without what makes us happy? That night I dreamed of a sweater job. I don’t know what that light was, but I was sure that was the way”, revealed Cristiana Jesus as we told here.

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This Saturday, November 21, Cristiana Jesus was chatting with followers on social media, and revealed her old dream of working in television: “What you lack in your professional life! You are an inspiration for my business”, questioned a follower.

The former “House of Secrets” replied: “I would really like to work in television. And something I’ve always dreamed of. And I’m very happy to inspire you in a positive way”, it can be read.

Later in the conversation, Cristiana Jesus spoke about the topic of motherhood, confessing that it is not planned to have more children in the near future: “For now it’s not in our plans. Our life is crazy, and we needed a day to have 48 hours”, it can be read.

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