Live streaming: the new bet that Netflix considers


The streaming platform plans to bring back the magic of television with live broadcasts. This would compete with programs like American Idol.

Netflix and a new bet on streaming.
© GettyNetflix and a new bet on streaming.

It is common to hear that streaming platforms have become the new television. And it is that, although that means of communication remains in force, subscription services came as a more than effective alternative. original content, on demandand available on practically all mobile devices, they became the usual mode of consumption around the world. But Netflix seeks to double the bet and, for that, considers the live broadcasts.

Platforms like Twitch or YouTube are ideal if you’re looking for live videos with better quality than the so-called ‘lives’ on social networks like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Twitter. The red N has shown that it wants to monopolize everything: with a varied catalog of series, movies and documentaries, it has also incorporated interactive content and even games. But now, it could return to the magic of television with live broadcasts.

This was announced by Deadline, which stressed that the streaming platform’s plan would not be aimed at classic fiction, but at reality shows, certain events and stand-up specials. And it is that there are more and more productions of this type that week after week get a place in the top 10 to steal all eyes. Clear examples are comedies like Bo Burnham: Inside either Nanette by Hannah Gadsby, who exploit humor just as they would on stage.

But that is not all! Because the segment of reality shows is also becoming more entrenched on Netflix. Thus, series like The Circlea competition in which players must appear as they wish online to win one hundred thousand dollars, or Selling Sunsetwhere real estate agents sell luxury homes in Los Angeles, became the platform’s rage, primarily in the United States.

Through live broadcasts, Netflix would achieve a fundamental function that programs of this type have on television today: the viewers vote. In this way, they will try to compete directly with reality shows already installed, as is the case with American Idol either dancing with the stars. At the moment, the platform is only planning this new feature and that is why there is still no release date for the first live special on the subscription service.

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