Live ridicule? Sokol went to Lucinka from Matuš

“Lucinka isn’t here because she’s after dinner,” he didn’t hesitate to poke the Falcon during the live broadcast of the Zlatý Slavík poll. Subsequently, he tried to save the situation by saying that his thesis was misinterpreted and that he thought that Lucinka could not take part because she was taking care of her daughter at home at this hour. But there was already laughter in the hall.

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Invitation to Life! 2021: Sokol vs. Sokol Clash Falcon

It is difficult to say whether Matuš’s reaction did not dump Sokolov’s allusion. According to eXtra, he replied: “I’m a megastar, I have to reckon with that.” he did not spare praise, which he sharply balanced a serious topic:

“For me, Slavík ended when Karel Gott left. The competition is inextricably linked to it. They shouldn’t use the name now, it should at least be renamed. The nightingale can no longer be there, it is no longer with us. “

KARLOS ‘OCTAGON: Ondřej Sokol on deviations and Libuška Šafránková

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