Live: Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors

As Denis Brogniart says so well, tonight is game 6 of the NBA Finals and it can already be decisive. Led 3-2 by the Golden State Warriors, the Boston Celtics are forced to win in their lair of TD Garden if they still want to hope to win the title. Because in case of defeat, the trophy will land in the hands of Stephen Curry.

Boston Celtics 29-37 Golden State Warriors

3h54: I am very afraid for the rest of the career of Robert Williams who has been playing with one knee less since the start of the playoffs. Be careful not to make an Umtiti.

3h53: @Carlos_santana Of course you have the right to say that. And I have the right to make fun of you haha.

3h52: OH THE HUGE AGAINST ROBERT WILLIAMS!!! And behind Tatum who scores. Boston returns to -8. I prefer it for the suspense.

3h51: Already 3 fouls for Marcus Smart… It’s not the real defender of the year – Bam Adebayo – who would have done that.

3h49: There are very few basketball players I would like to fight against, but I really don’t want to come to blows with Robert Williams. Besides, I couldn’t even reach his face.

3h48: Hallelujah! Boston finally delivered a basket.

3h47: @Carlos_santana Which franchise does it support in the NBA?

3h46: As expected, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole wear these Warriors in the NBA Finals.

3h45: Go OK Michael Jordan Poole.

And Boston’s new time-out. 21-0 Warriors underway.

3h44: No, but Boston there we stop shooting at 3 points and we will look for throws to stop the bleeding.

3h43: @Carlos_santana Ah glad to see you there. We love him Gary Payton II.

3h42: Payton Pritchard does not have the level for the NBA Finals. At least not yet.

3h40: Time-out Boston after that basket from Wiggins. 16-0 run in progress.

3h39: Ah OK so Jordan Poole could shoot with his eyes closed since the logo it would fit is nonsense.

3h39: Next to Draymond Green, Roy Keane is an angel.

3h38: Come on, let’s go again!!!!

3h37: What must be hurting the Celtics’ skull this Warriors run…

3h35: END OF THE FIRST QT!!! 27-22 for the Warriors while it started with a 14-2 for the Celtics.

3h34: And Jordan Poole who also sends a 3 point. What a Warriors run.

3h33: Draymond Green who plants at 3. And Curry who imitates him behind. The Warriors go ahead.

3h30: Jacques Monclar’s voice reminds me of Alessandra Bianchi. Team hoarse voice for them.

3h28: Gary Payton II > Payton Pritchard.

3h27: The Warriors are gradually picking up the score. Good entry from Gary Payton II.

3h23: You’re not going to leave me alone all night though, are you?

3h22: Klay Thompson’s Game 6 in the NBA Finals = CR7’s blond locks in the Champions League.

3h21: And to think that at a basket near Jimmy Butler it was my Heat who was in the final tonight…

3h20: It’s still easier to deliver a football match, isn’t it? It’s going way too fast.

3h19: WOW the 3-pointer from Andrew Wiggins. Very happy to see him flourishing at the Warriors.

3h18: Perhaps we should put a basket gentlemen.

3h17: It’s catastrophic this start to the Warriors game, huh.

3h16: Deuce Tatum. Can’t wait to see you rule the NBA in 20 years.

3h14: @ Indians31 Well if Boston wins tonight there will be a game 7. And so this one is not decisive in the sense that there is no title at the end tonight in this case. Afterwards of course it is decisive like all the matches of a final.

3h12: And Tatum who puts his 3. 12-2 Boston. Time out Warriors.

3h12: I think Boston really wants to have a Game 7. What a start to the game.

3:11 a.m.: The match is on BeIN Sports but you also have the right to put the comments of our friends from Trashtalk on YouTube.

3h10: And it starts with two free throws inside of Al Horford.

3h09: LET’S GO!!!!

3h08: BeIN did not broadcast the American anthem?! Sadness.

3h03: Here are the 5 majors of the evening:

Boston: Robert Williams, Al Horford, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart.

Golden State: Draymond Green, Otto Porter Jr, Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry.

3:00 a.m.: Hello crazy people how are you? I imagine so because it’s time for Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Leading 3-2, Stephen Curry’s Warriors are one win away from the title. But Jayson Tatum and his Celtics buddies intend to take the series to Game 7. We’re going to enjoy it. And too bad if tomorrow the alarm clock is going to sting very strongly.

By Steven Oliveira

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