LIVE – Coronavirus – For the third time since the start of the epidemic, the bar of 300,000 infected in 24 hours in France has been exceeded with 303,669 infected recorded

7:37 p.m.: For the third time since the start of the epidemic, the bar of 300,000 infected in 24 hours has been exceeded. According to Public Health France, 303,669 new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in the past 24 hours in France. This is the third time that the threshold of 300,000 cases has been crossed since the start of the epidemic.

5:42 p.m.: Several demonstrations against the vaccine pass project took place on Saturday across France, calmly and with mixed mobilization, a few days after Emmanuel Macron’s controversial statements about the unvaccinated people he wants to “piss off”. In Paris, a few thousand people gathered at the call of the Patriots of pro-Frexit presidential candidate Florian Philippot, according to an AFP journalist. They left in the rain from the Place du Palais Royal around 3:00 p.m., towards Place Vauban. The former right-hand man of Marine Le Pen denounced “the country of tyranny, of segregation, where millions of people are set apart”.

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The bill on the vaccine pass, adopted by the deputies on Thursday, must pass before the Senate next week. In Lyon, a small crowd of demonstrators of all ages and little masked gathered in a good-natured atmosphere on Place Bellecour, in the city center. Among them some “yellow vests”, tricolor flags and a red from the CGT.

Slogans denouncing “social apartheid” and boos against President Emmanuel Macron and his prime minister punctuated the demonstration.

Another gathering of less than 200 people stood nearby, with a banner “Against ” covictatorship ”. Neither guinea pig nor anti-vax ”. A stone’s throw away, four retirees were displaying posters against “dictatorship and dogmatism”.

In Bordeaux, between 500 and 1000 people, according to the police, demonstrated in spite of the rain under the cries of “Macron on t’emmerde”, in a course taking the quays of the Garonne and the vast place of Quinconces. “When will we see a respect vaccine?” , #ontemmerde “,” Confidence broken “, could we read on the signs.


12h44: Christian Curel, president of the union of French mask manufacturers, assures us that in the event of a more general use of FFP2 masks, which he recommends in the face of the Omicron variant, manufacturers will be able to meet demand. “There is a lot of stock already with our manufacturers today. There is also significant production capacity, we can easily go up to 40, 50 million FFP2 masks per week in production”, he explains. on franceinfo

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10:16 am: Several large anti-vaccine pass rallies are planned today, including the one organized by Florian Philippot (Les Patriotes). Departure at 1 p.m., Place du Palais-Royal. A demonstration is planned by the movement of yellow vests and another to fight against racism. One will start from Place de Catalogne, the other will be a static gathering in Montparnasse

. There will be many gatherings in the provinces, including one in Nancy, organized by the Bloc Lorrain. Departure from Place Maginot at 2 p.m. Here is the full list:

8:42 a.m.: Faced with the rise in infections with the Omicron variant, Germany will further restrict access to restaurants and cafes but reduce the quarantine periods to avoid a possible paralysis of the country, announced Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

07h32: The Covid-19 “as we know it today will not be here forever”, at least in its current form, Joe Biden promised Friday, as the United States faces a new wave of the pandemic. The Covid “will not be there forever” in its current form, promises Biden “But having the Covid in our environment and on the planet, it will probably persist”, he admitted in front of journalists at the White House .

“We have so many more tools (..) that can contain the Covid and other strains,” assured the US president, who had campaigned in part on his promise to end the pandemic.

6:11 am: The Netherlands recorded a new record for coronavirus contamination on Friday, with 34,954 tests returned positive from laboratories, said the National Institute of Public Health (RIVM). A number well beyond the previous records of Wednesday and Thursday, when nearly 25,000 cases were detected. The rapid rise in infections was expected, as the Omicron variant – more contagious – supplanted the Delta mutation. If it seems less dangerous, Omicron still causes, proportionally, new hospitalizations.

The number of deaths remains stable. The Netherlands reconfigured itself last month to try to contain the spread of this new variant, discovered in November in South Africa and Botswana. The Dutch government is due to announce next week at a press conference whether the latest restrictions are maintained or lifted

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