Little was enough for acting, Borhy surprises

“I wanted to be an actress, yes, never, a singer, I probably sang at home as a child, but I wanted to be an actress, but in the end it didn’t happen,” TV Nova presenter Lucie Borhyová admitted to However, she had a few acting opportunities, which she also took advantage of, and so she appeared in the sitcom Comeback or the series Ordinace v růže zahrad 2. In the end, she remained in the role of moderator and would not change. However, the ambition for the artistic profession is cultivated by her daughter Linda, so it is possible that one day we will hear about her.

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Lucie Borhyová: We are not currently working on the third child …

The moderator recently accompanied the audience to the conferences for the Czech Nightingale 21. However, she left the moderation of the gala evening to a couple consisting of Ondřej Sokol (49) and Aleš Háma (48). They have already met during the moderation of the music show Your face has a familiar voice. Lucie has already moderated “her” Slavík in the past with opera singer Štefan Margita (65), and although she remembers it with a smile, once was enough for her.

Lucie Borhyová escaped from the burning Nova for a concert. She showed hot shots in a tight turtleneck!

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