Little clown moves everyone for arriving in disguise at his mother’s wake: “You gave me the gift of making people laugh”

Losing a mother is one of the greatest pains in everyone’s life, as it was for a little clown in Peru who attended his mother’s wake in disguise to dedicate his “last show” and his emotional message reached TikTok and it took nothing to do viral moving millions of Internet users in this social network.

Farewell with a balloon and a white rose

Zhakita Mix He is a popular clown who has shown that his job is one of sacrifice, because so many times you have to make others laugh when pain and sorrow are carried inside, but this time he could not contain himself when it was his turn to say goodbye to his mommy victoria.

The video shows him arriving at his mother’s wake dressed up for a presentation, carrying a balloon and a white rose. He stops at the entrance to say a few words to the woman who brought him into the world. The attendees applaud him for his emotional words, as for his broken voice trying to contain his tears.

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“We have done everything for you, we have battled with you… because you gave me this gift of making people laugh, but today I am sad… for that, mommy, for you, even heaven, mommy victoriais heard as he takes a few steps towards his mother’s coffin, but being faced with the proof that he will not see her again makes the little clown burst into tears.

“A lot of strength”

The video, which accumulates more than 1 million views moved users in TikTokwhere he received very empathetic comments: “I swear it hurt my soul”, “how brave! I couldn’t even speak. A lot of strength and a hug, it must be very difficult to lose the being that had you in her womb”, “when I see these videos, I relive the strongest pain I have ever felt in my life, losing my mother”, “I cried, because I felt like it was my mom who was there. I’m not ready for that”, “what a heartbreaking pain it feels. God give you strength to carry on”, “I understand your pain, losing a mother destroys your soul. A lot of strength, She is shining in the sky next to mine”.

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