Lite Paita (Iv) -Furfaro (Pd) on La7: “Nostalgic for Conte, in Liguria you are still allies of the M5s”. “You govern with Lega and FdI”

Clash a “The air that pulls” (La7) between the deputy of Italy Viva, Raffaella Paitaand the exponent of Pd, Marco Furfaro. Paita assures that his party will run alone in the next elections: “We do not believe that the jumble put together by Pd with Bonelli, Fratoianni and Calenda may be a useful response to the country. The third pole at this moment has only one option which is that of Italia Viva. Most of all we wanted Dragons to the presidency of the Council and most of all we have defended him ”.

Then he adds: “In the Pd there are the nostalgics of the M5s, there is a left inside who worked to the last to maintain relationships with With you, even when the latter had opened the crisis against Draghi. In Liguria, my region, Pd and M5s have decided to quietly carry on the alliance. The theme of the culture of a left that sees an organic relationship with the M5 cannot be resized ”.
Furfaro defines the term “jumble” adopted by the Renzian parliamentarian as hallucinatory and replies: “But do you know with whom Raffaella Paita governs in Liguria? I am talking about a piece that was previously in the Democratic Party and whose leader was party secretary? They govern with the right. So, I would be a little more cautious ”.

Paita retorts: “I am very proud to have contributed to the strengthening of the civic project of Marco Buccithe mayor who rebuilt the Genoa bridge after the collapse of the Morandi bridge. And it deserves much more respect ”.
“In fact, governed with Lega and Fratelli d’Italia“, Replies Furfaro.
“I understand that Furfaro has never seen Liguria, not even on a postcard”, comments Paita.
“Yes – replies the exponent dem – in fact now I see it connected by the village of Genoa Sampierdarena. My goodness, what a small way ”.


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