Listen who’s joking: Tim Allen jokes about burn victim Jay Leno

Listen who’s joking
Tim Allen jokes about burn victim Jay Leno

In the series “Listen who’s hammering” Tim Allen aka Tim Taylor suffered one or the other injury. In real life, he now rushes to the bedside of a good friend who’s recently been burned quite badly: Jay Leno. And compares his new look with the look of a celebrity.

Jay Leno sustained burns last weekend while working on one of his cars and a fire broke out. The 72-year-old US presenter requires treatment for burns to his face, hands and chest. Actor Tim Allen gave a little bit of the all-clear on his good friend’s health late this week.

Because after a visit to him in the hospital, the 69-year-old Allen was joking and explained according to “TMZ” quipping: “He’s going for the George Clooney look. You’ll be surprised.” Leno looks good and is happy. “The hospital did a great job of taking care of him,” Allen said, adding, “Jay’s fine. He’s feeling better. We were joking around, just the way we are.”

“He’s running around making jokes,” said Dr. Peter H. Grossman of the Grossman Burn Center in California on Leno’s confident approach to his recovery. The doctor said a few days ago that he was incredibly friendly, very accommodating and very grateful at a press conference, which showed “FOX 11 Los Angeles”. He is an “ideal patient who understands the severity of his injury”.

Recovery could take “a little longer”.

Leno suffered burns on his face, hands and chest. Second and possibly third degree burns. The most serious injuries can be seen on the TV star’s face, added the doctor, who spoke of a second operation for Leno. The medic went on to say he expects the presenter to make a full recovery. Due to the severe burns, this could take “a little longer” than the comedian originally anticipated. After the fire, Leno issued a statement saying it would take him “a week or two” to get back on his feet.

The former ‘The Tonight Show’ host was working under one of his cars in Burbank, California, when a fire broke out. According to media reports, the 72-year-old was pulled out from under the car and taken to a hospital, where he received emergency care and was eventually taken to the Grossman Burn Center.

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