Listen to bursts of X-rays emitted from a near-Earth black hole

From a black hole, nothing escapes. Not even from lightlight. But the mattermatter that surrounds these strange objects can be the source of intense bursts of radiation. Gusts which, like the headlights of a carcar on the fog, disperse on the cloudsclouds of gasgas and dust they encounter on their journey.

Light echoes surging around black hole V404 Cygni, one of the closest to Earth. © Nasa, CXC, A. Hobart

These are these “bright echoes”recorded by the space telescopespace telescope Chandra on the one hand and by the observatory SwiftSwift on the other hand, that researchers from the NasaNasa translated into sounds. Those produced by V404 Cygni. A black holeblack hole relatively modest since its massmass does not exceed ten times that of our SunSun. A black hole accompanied by a starstar from which it sucks matter. This is how he periodically generates bursts of X-raysX-rays, among others. The study of their propagation in space allows astronomersastronomers learn more about the composition and distances of the dust clouds they pass.

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