list of "The soulless", one of the most expensive on Televisa

Gerard govea

Producer José Alberto Castro of the soap opera “The soulless“, managed to bring together the actors: Livia Brito, José Ron, Marlene Favela, Marjorie de Sousa, Eduardo Santamarina, Raúl Araiza, thus forming one of the most expensive casts for Televisa, which for Castro was something” complicated “to bring them together.

“At first the approach with the company was complicated due to the cost, but there the company threw a lot of desire, did not skimp and put a lot on its part to be able to achieve it”; José Castro pointed out.

Reaction of the cast of La Desalmada

“I imagine, poor Güero, but well it was worth it because we showed why, so I think he is very happy,” replied Marjorie de Sousa, who plays the role of Julia, Octavio’s lover.

“Oh God, well then I can’t tell you anything (laughs) because I don’t know how much my colleagues charge. I didn’t know, I had already heard it out there, but you already confirmed it to me,” said Marlene Favela, who plays to Leticia Lagos.

Kimberly Dos Ramos, who plays Isabella, mentioned: “Yes, as I told you, it is a very heavy cast in the sense that we all have an acting career, they are all so important, so famous in Mexico that it was raffled off by joining us all of them, but I think that what he did not imagine was that somehow we were going to form this family that we have today, really. “

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