Líssio and Luana’s Life Has Big Change After Blind Marriage Brazil

Marriage à Cegas Brasil left fans impressed with its great turnarounds and the formation of unusual couples. The special O Reencontro, released by Netflix on YouTube, revealed what happened to all the participants. After the meeting, everything indicates that the Bahian psychologist Luana Braga is still married to Líssio, and that she makes good money from a digital influencer.

The information was disclosed in the column by journalist Leo Dias, published by the newspaper Metrópoles. On the Netflix show, Luana and Lissio have established themselves as one of the most loved couples in the audience.

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The end was not a surprise: Luana and Líssio really got married. The couple officiated the union in one of the most emotional ceremonies of Marriage à Cegas Brasil, and they are still together today.

See below everything you need to know about the participant’s new career and the other Marriage à Cegas Brasil contestants who make money online.

Who is the most popular participant of Marriage à Cegas Brasil?

According to Leo Dias’ column, psychologist Luana Braga, who in Marriage to the Blind Brazil made her union with Lissio official, is the most popular participant in the Netflix reality show on social networks.

The psychologist and influencer is reaping the fruits of her participation in the reality show, in addition to winning the heart of Lissio Fiod, she signed a contract with MYND, considered the largest influencer marketing agency in Brazil.

In other words, Luana Braga is now part of the same company that manages the digital presence of pop stars like Pabllo Vittar and Luísa Sonza.

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By the end of this article, Luana had accumulated more than 820 thousand followers on Instagram – and the number is growing every day.

Right after Luana comes Dayanne Feitoza, with 554,000 followers. Fans already want to see the influencer in the new season of A Fazenda.

In third place was Lissio Fiod, Luana’s husband. The handsome secured more than 535,000 followers on Instagram.

Nanda Terra, who caught the attention of fans for her strong and decisive manner, is in fourth place, with around 450,000 followers.

Behind the young woman comes Ana Prado, in fifth place, with 330,000 followers on the social network.

Carol Novaes, who is also a lawyer and President of the Racial and Gender Equality Commission at OAB Pinheiros, came in sixth, with 307,000 followers.

In general, the men participating in the reality show gained smaller amounts of followers. Shayan was left with 269,000; Hudson with 224,000 and Rodrigo with 184 thousand.

In the flashlight comes Thiago Rocha, who caused a lot of controversy in the reality show for his problematic statements. The parachutist from Santa Catarina currently has just over 130,000 followers.

Blind Marriage Brazil is available on Netflix.

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