Lise Nørgaard is paid tribute: ‘Culture has lost a life’s work’

On Monday, the family of journalist and author Lise Nørgaard announced that she has passed away at the age of 105.

She slept soundly on Sunday night.

Reactions to the death of all of Denmark’s ‘Matador mother’ are pouring in on social media.

Newly appointed culture minister Jakob Engel-Schmidt writes on his Facebook that Danish culture has lost a piece of life.

“Thank you, Lise Nørgaard. For Matador, for the episodes of Huset på Christianshavn, for being a role model and for always speaking your mind,’ he writes in a post on Facebook and continues:

“Culture has lost a piece of life. And Denmark an important witness and contributor to its contemporaries.’

“One of Denmark’s great women has passed away. Lise Nørgaard trained as a journalist, since there were mostly only men in that profession. She was about someone at the forefront of the women’s battle. Thank you for everything,” writes Minister for Digitalization and Gender Equality Marie Bjerre on Twitter.

The former Minister of Justice Søren Pind wrote the book ‘Lise Nørgaard – a portrait’ in 2010. On Twitter, he pays tribute to his friend, where he thanks her for life and for being a good friend.

“Lise is dead. 105 years. What a life. What a lady. Thanks for everything. A slice of life – lovely and good friend. Peace be with you,” he writes.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen sends a final greeting to Lise Nørgaard on her Instagram.

»Lise Nørgaard was anything but ‘just a girl’. We say goodbye to a national treasure. A strong and people-loving woman who was never afraid to take the lead. She gave us Matador. A piece of Danish history. And episode of Huset på Christianshavn. With her sharp pen, irrepressible personality and always critical curiosity, she has contributed to her contemporaries like few others. Dear Lise Nørgaard, may you rest in peace.’

Director of the Tänketanken Europa Lykke Friis is remembered in a post on Facebook, where she talks about their first meeting back in 2013.

“Lise Nørgaard! Think you’re not here anymore. Never forget our first meeting at KU’s German election party in 2013. Or when we honored you at KU for Matador, and “Red” sang,” she writes and continues:

“But the most fun was the dinner at our house, with Vincent Hendricks and Søren Pind, among others. I had told my husband before: ‘don’t worry. It won’t be late. Lise will soon be 100. When it was 1.30 my husband was still bringing in drinks. Because we are not finished discussing life, politics, Germany and dogs. It wasn’t until an hour later that the rest of us had to give up.’

In a post on Twitter, Pia Kjærsgaard thanks Lise Nørgaard for the contribution she has made to the lives of all Danes.

“I have had the pleasure of being with Lise Nørgaard on various occasions. Inspirational, wise, funny and wonderful. Thank you for the huge contribution you have added to all of our lives. Glory be to your memory,’ she writes.

As author and creator of the series ‘Matador’, Lise Nørgaard is also honored by Korsbæk på Bakken, where Danes today can get into a nostalgic mood when they travel back to Lise Nørgaard’s classic.

“There are few who have given as much as Lise Nørgaard. A day like today, words feel poor. Denmark has lost a great person. In her 105-year life, Lise Nørgaard has made generation after generation wiser and richer in great experiences.

“Dear Lise. Thank you for your stories, your great commitment, your humor and great work for Korsbæk på Bakken until the end. Thank you, Lise. Honor be to Lise Nørgaard’s memory.’

Tivoli’s director, Susanne Mørch Koch, also shares her experiences with Lise Nørgaard.

“It says something about Lise Nørgaard that the inbox was not emptied when she passed away. A few months ago I contacted her and invited her to lunch to talk about how to become a good Tivoli director. She immediately said yes, thank you! She thought it was so good that Tivoli had finally got a female director and she felt ashamed. It was supposed to be in the Ditch. Unfortunately, due to health and busyness, the lunch had to be pushed back a couple of times. We didn’t make it to lunch, but Lise Nørgaard leaves us with a huge legacy and not least an image of dignity.’

In a post on Facebook, author Sara Blædel thanks Lise Nørgaard for the inspiration.

“What a fantastic life. Thank you for the inspiration.’

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