Lisa Marie Presley: the chilling 911 call after cardiac arrest

Lisa Marie Presley’s housekeeper’s 911 call has been making the rounds on social media for the past few hours as the family continues to mourn her passing.

The chilling call 911 of the housekeeper of Lisa Marie Presley immediately following her cardiac arrest, she revealed the backstory of a simply awful moment: In the January 12 audio clip, obtained exclusively by the New York Post, the singer’s employee can be heard trying to direct rescuers to her property in Calabasas .

What is the address of your emergency?” asks the operator, struggling to understand the answer of the housekeeper, who, after trying to explain that “it should be the street closest to the corner“, he admits: “Excuse me but I just don’t know“.

The operator then asks to speak to “someone else present on the sceneA man, believed to be Presley’s ex-husband Danny Keough, answers the call: “There is a security gate in the neighborhood but they will just let them through. How close they are?”

Although the operator “have no idea,” paramedics can be heard arriving on the scene by the end of the conversation. Rescuers reportedly resuscitated Presley multiple times and administered epinephrine before rushing her to West Hills Hospital and Medical Center, where she passed away hours later. .

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