Lionel Messi, a Covid more worrying than expected?

Affected by the covid two weeks ago, Lionel Messi is slow to resume collective training with PSG. Did the virus hit harder than expected on the seven-time Ballon d’Or?

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Most Paris Saint-Germain footballers have been affected at one time or another by the Covid, and all have recovered well physically, even if last year Kylian Mbappé’s slump was blamed on a possible side effect of the virus. At the end of December last, the leaders of PSG learned that during his vacation in Argentina, Lionel Messi, who had not really respected social distancing, had been overtaken by one of the variants of the Covid. But after a negative test, the Argentine star had returned to Paris eight days ago with his family, Leo Messi even coming for a canter of recovery last Thursday at Camp des Loges. However, this was the one and only appearance of the former FC Barcelona player, who was forfeited to Lyon and will most certainly be on Saturday night against Brest at the Parc des Princes. Paris SG does not communicate more on the subject, contenting itself with saying that the Pulga was in ” post-Covid recovery phase ».

Messi delayed by the Covid, it’s normal

For the moment, even if the situation calls out, because Lionel Messi is not the type to drag his feet, we seem not to be too worried on the side of the management of PSG. The Covid must be taken seriously, and there is no point in forcing the return of Messi, the main thing being that he is at the disposal of Mauricio Pochettino ahead of the double confrontation against Real Madrid in the League of Nations. champions. To those who are worried about the sevenfold Ballon d’Or, Alexandre Marles, former performance director of Paris Saint-Germain, is rather optimistic and considers that this delay is legitimate. ” All of this is normal, even when you are little affected by the Covid, there is always residual physical fatigue and you have to be careful in this sense. “, Specifies the specialist, who validates the decisions of the PSG medical staff with a player who should also be exempt from traveling to Argentina at the end of the month to play two games with his national team.

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