Line Hoffmeyer in tears: ‘I have not so far dared to make hopes about how old I end up being’

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A 57-year-old American man has created world history.

On Friday, he was the first in the world to undergo a successful operation, where he had a heart transplanted from a genetically modified pig without the heart being rejected. It informs the University of Maryland, which has understood the transplant, in a Press release.

The medical breakthrough has also brought great happiness to the heart-transplanted Line Hoffmeyer.

On Instagram, the 28-year-old influencer describes how she broke down in tears when she heard on the radio what she calls “the best news in ten years”.

“When you live in the ninth year with a stranger’s heart in your body and the knowledge that such a thing does not last forever, then there is no word for what this development means,” writes Line Hoffmeyer.

According to her own calculations, it would be record-breaking if her current donor heart held, until, she was 54 years old.

But with Friday’s groundbreaking transplant of a pig’s heart into an American man, she’s got renewed hope, she explains.

“With a few complications and rejections along the way, I have, through conversations with my doctors, not so far dared to make the high hopes of how old I end up being without new groundbreaking science. And this is damn new groundbreaking science, “cheers Line Hoffmeyer.

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The American man has so far survived three days with the genetically modified pig heart, which he had implanted on Friday.

“Even if the first, second or third attempt at a pig’s heart does not work yet, I know that science is evolving so fast once one has started trying that kind of thing. It is a hope that I have not fully grasped here a few hours later, “the 28-year-old influencer concludes.

BT is working to get a comment from Line Hoffmeyer, who has not yet returned our inquiries.

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