Line Baun Danielsen rejected in Se & Hør case: ‘I carry that indignation with me to the grave!’

Last month, the final nail was put in the year-long See & Hear case.

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Here, producer Remee Jackman and TV host Line Baun Danielsen were refused to appeal their compensation claim against the weekly magazine and its then responsible figures, after Se & Hør had for a period of four years illegally gained access to confidential information about several well-known Danes .

Line Baun Danielsen is very dissatisfied with and upset by that decision.

“I think it’s a violation of my rights as a citizen that I can not be allowed to appeal to the high court,” raged the TV host.

The decision was that the claim for compensation could not come before the High Court, as they expected to find the same answer as the City Court, which in April rejected compensation to Remee Jackman and Line Baun Danielsen, as well as four other celebrities who gave up trying to appeal the case.

At that time, it was also decided that the costs of the action for damages were to be borne by the applicants.

“The indignation of it, I will carry it with me to the grave, for I will never understand how it is possible to offend people, and that the judicial system even says: ‘Well, you have been violently violated, but you can not get a compensation ‘, «rages Line Baun Danielsen.

For her, it had been an acknowledgment of the torments she believes she went through as being among the illegally supervised.

“A replacement is a patch on the wound, it is an acknowledgment that one was the victim of an assault. And if this had not taken place at the time, but it had taken place with the new GDPR rules, then I can promise you that there would have been a different outcome, and that makes it just twice as annoying for my legal security, “it reads. from the entrepreneur.

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Line Baun Danielsen for reception at 'Fantasier' on Tuesday night.

Line Baun Danielsen for reception at ‘Fantasier’ on Tuesday night.

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The See & Hear case started back in 2014 and is described by many as the biggest media scandal in Danish history.

Here it was discovered that the former editor-in-chief of Se & Hør, Henrik Qvortrup – who is today editor-in-chief of Ekstra Bladet – had entered into an agreement to be able to continuously buy access to celebrities’ credit card information in systems at PBS / Nets.

Information that the so-called tys-tys source illegally obtained through his work as an IT operator at IBM.

The agreement continued even after Henrik Qvortrup’s resignation as editor-in-chief.

In a confession case in August 2016, Aller Media, which owns the weekly magazine Se & Hør, received a fine of ten million kroner.

A former news editor and a former editor-in-chief were each sentenced to six months probation.

Three months later, two former editors-in-chief, two journalists who had written the articles based on the information and the hush-hush source himself, were convicted. The sentences landed at between four months of conditional imprisonment and one and a half years of unconditional imprisonment.

But compensation to the affected well-known Danes will not be part of the consequences of the case.

“It’s over now, there’s nothing left to catch up on. So it’s just to say that this is how it is – that kind of justice does not exist in Denmark, and then I must be satisfied that the state has collected ten million in fines, and that those responsible have served a sentence , «Concludes Line Baun Danielsen.

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