Lindsay De Vylder and Robbe Ghys also lead the Six Days of Ghent after third night

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Lindsay De Vylder and Robbe Ghys remain the leaders on Thursday after the third night of the 81st Six Days of Ghent in ‘t Kuipke. The Belgian pair totaled 190 points and are therefore very close to a bonus round.

Source: BELGA

Four couples follow in the same round as De Vylder/Ghys. That is the Belgian-Dutch duo Fabio Van Den Bossche with Yoeri Havik (173 points), the Belgian-German duo Jules Hesters with Tim Torn Teutenberg (144 points) and the Belgians Iljo Keisse/Jasper De Buyst (100 points).

The British Ethan Hayter/Fred Wright are on 3 rounds with 106 points behind their name. The rest of the field already follows after 4 or more laps.

The score of the 81st Six Days of Ghent after the third night:

1. Lindsay De Vylder (Bel)/Robbe Ghys (Bel) 190 points

2. Fabio Van Den Bossche (Bel)/Yoeri Havik (Ned) 173

3. Jules Hesters (Bel)/Tim Torn Teutenberg (Ger) 144

4. Iljo Keisse (Bel)/Jasper De Buyst (Bel) 100

On 3 rounds:

5. Ethan Hayter (GB)/Fred Wright (GB) 106

On 4 rounds:

6. Vincent Hoppezak (Ned)/Philip Heynen (Ned) 128

On 5 rounds:

7. Roger Kluge (Ger)/Theo Reinhardt (Ger) 53

On 7 rounds:

8. Tuur Dens (Bel)/Jan Willem van Schip (Ned) 140

At 18 laps:

9. Gianluca Pollefliet (Bel)/Noah Vandenbranden (Bel) 81

At 22 laps:

10. Brent Van Mulders (Bel)/Matias Malmberg (Den) 53

11. Gerben Thijsen (Bel)/Julius Johansen (Den) 25

At 26 laps:

12. Stijn Steels (Bel)/Silvan Dillier (Zwi) 67

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