Liliana Resinovich, in the forest of mystery in Trieste. "The husband offended person"

Treviso, 12 January 2022 – Case Liliana Resinovich: he has Sebastiano Visintin appointed a lawyer, husband of the woman who disappeared from home, in Trieste, on 14 December e body found on January 5th last in the wood who loved to attend, we are in the park of the former psychiatric hospital of San Giovanni in Trieste, at least a kilometer and a half from his home. Also recognized by her husband, who in the meantime has entrusted himself to the law firm of Paolo and Alice Bevilacqua.

Liliana Resinovich, the 3 unanswered questions

The appointment was filed today with the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Trieste. At the moment for the affair they are not investigated. Visintin has appointed a lawyer since offended person. Also today was appointed a biased coroner, Raffaele Barisani, who has already made contact with the coroner of the Prosecutor’s Office with whom he will relate.

Liliana Resinovich latest news, brother and husband recognize the body: “It’s her”
Alice Bevilacqua explains: “Sebastiano Visintin is in an understandable state of confusion. This is also why he found himself saying contradictory consequences. To this day he has always opened the front door, welcomed everyone and spoke. He relied on us as an offended person. We have appointed a biased medical examiner. “

Trieste, corpse in the park: is it by Liliana Resinovich?

The protagonists

Liliana, Lilly for friends, disappeared on the morning of December 14, between the phone call to his 82-year-old friend Claudio Sterpin, who was waiting for her like every Tuesday, and the no answer to his brother, at 9.20. According to a merchant, the woman would have passed in front of his shop window, precisely in that time slot. But the two mobile phones and the handbag were found at home.

From the first moments historical friends have moved. Those like Fulvio Covalero, who remembers it as a young girl, “when we were happy to go all together for a barbecue in the Karst”. Covalero also organized a silent walk, to remember Lilly. And he took it out on those who underwent trials, eventually identifying a culprit.

The investigation

Remaining, however, the facts: the investigation is still without suspects. The alleged crime, the chief prosecutor Antonio De Nicolo explained yesterday – who decided to speak only through press releases – is that of kidnapping. Not even the autopsy gave a sure answer to this question: Was Lilly killed?

“At the moment – the prosecutor wrote yesterday -, there is no reason to change the rubrication of the trial file, opened the day after the disappearance of Liliana Resinovich against unknown persons for thehypothesis of kidnapping ex art. 605 of the Criminal Code: in fact, there are currently no reasons to favor the hypothesis that the death occurred due to conduct of others compared to that of death occurred by one’s own hand “.

In short, the investigators continue not to exclude the hypothesis of suicide, which friends do not believe. The body was wrapped in two bags, of those used for waste, the head closed in two plastic bags.

The autopsy

The autopsy didn’t undo all the knots. The woman died for “acute heart failure”, as established by the medical examiner Fulvio Costantinides, and no “trauma from the hand of others capable of justifying the death”, reported the Prosecutor’s Office. To know the actual cause of death reliably, it is necessary to wait for the results of the toxicological tests.

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