Liliana Resinovich, friend Covalero: because I talked about the forest and garbage. Tell us how she died

Trieste, 13 June 2022 – Liliana Resinovichtomorrow I am six months from the beginning of yellow from Trieste. The 63-year-old disappeared from home on the morning of Tuesday 14 December. It was found corpse on January 5th, in a grove in the park of the former psychiatric hospital, in its own San Giovanni neighborhood. The body – without signs of violenceestablished the autospy – was huddled in two black bagsof those used for i waste. A detail that immediately seemed irrational for those who do not believe to suicide. A detail that

“Acute heart failure”, the cause of death in an investigation remained without suspects. They have been months of hypothesis and also of poisons. Many have ended up in the spotlight. Among these there is certainly Fulvio Covalerowho had known Lilly as a girl.

Mr. Covalero, you immediately feared that Liliana Resinovich was dead. She also added: I don’t want her to be around like garbage. Why did you think that? Lilly was found in two black bags, the kind used for waste.
“I never mentioned the garbage bags. I derted, I want her to be buried worthily and not left lying around like garbage. If Liliana was killed, or rather if her death was caused as accidentally as I believe, it is clear that the body could not be abandoned in the main streets of Trieste or in the suburbs “.

Liliana Resinovich, the yellow from Trieste that divides Italy
Liliana Resinovich, the yellow from Trieste that divides Italy

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