Lilac dress by Taís Araujo proves how the trend cut out can be pure elegance. Photos!

THE cut out trendwith strategic cuts, arrived on the fashion scene a few seasons ago and is still on the rise for 2023: Tais Araujo knows this and bet on her for an elegant production in lilac. The actress was awarded the AIB trophy, by the Brazilian Press Association, for the film “Medida Provisoria”.

Taís Araujo and her husband, Lázaro Ramos, went to receive the award at the Sheraton hotel, located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. On air in “Cara e Coragem” as Anita and Clarice, the actress was wearing a midi dress with sleeves and a high collar.

Taís combined a dress with transparent sandals

Taís’s dress had a pleated skirt and Multiple cutouts in the bust area🇧🇷 In ribbed fabric, it was worn by the actress along with transparent sandals and pink hoop earrings. Styling was signed by Rita Lazzarotti.

Taís’s beauty, in turn, was Walter Lobato’s: the global one kept the strands loose and opted for a soft make-up, highlighting the eyes, with shadows in a pastel tone similar to that of the dress.

Taís Araujo’s hair: the actress’s trichologist tells details of the care

With inspiring productions with hairstyles and laces, Taís pays special attention to hair care. the trichologist Viviane Coutinho follows her closely and tells her about her beauty routine with her hair.

“We need to make a weekly schedule to remove product residues, calm the scalp and homeostasis of the scalp skin, thus removing dysfunctions such as flaking, inflammation, itching, falls, among others”, he previously stated to Purepeople🇧🇷

Lipid replacement is a recurring practice in Taís’s hair. “We return healthy lubrication, good fat, as curly hair has difficulty lubricating. I made a blend of oils with synergy of some like jojoba, avocado, sweet orange, among others”, explained Viviane.

Another beauty care is to include the laser in the haircare. “The laser is a tool that I can’t do without because it has an anti-inflammatory action, helps in the synthesis of collagen, helping to anchor the threads and stimulates the growth and emergence of new threads”, he pointed out.

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