Like Marvel: Netflix prepares its own cinematic universe with one of the most beloved franchises

Month by month it is confirmed that Netflix is ​​positioned as the leading streaming service in the world with more than 200 million subscribers, so they have the responsibility to offer the best, as they will in the series premieres that they have prepared for December 2021, as well as the movies. Nevertheless, they will go for more by creating a universe of content for film and television, just like Marvel does.

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As we know, the MCU has established itself as the great entertainment franchise in this century, far surpassing other recognized sagas such as Harry Potter O Star Wars. A case like that of the Disney product is truly difficult to match, but for the platform nothing is impossible and they will bet on new productions on top of the Power Rangers.

This was confirmed by the medium Deadline in the last hours, where they also announced that Jonathan Entwistle, creator of It’s the End of the F***ing World and I Am Not Okay with This, will be behind these projects. They also had the word of Michael Lombardo, President of Entertainment One Global Television: “Since we gave the Power Rangers to Jonathan, we set a global vision. It will not be just a series, it will be series followed by movies, content for children”.

He then also said that Netflix is excited about this new agreement and that soon there will be more important news. Let’s remember that in 2017 a new tape of the program arrived, but it was a complete failure as it did not captivate neither the critics nor the general public, taking into account that they had a cast with popular youth stars, but the impact was not as expected. .

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came to television in 1993 and became one of the most loved shows in the world, which led to multiple sequels also on the small screen that arrived for different generations and can currently be seen on Netflix. It will be time to wait for the details, but the confirmation of having a universe of its own for the program already excites fans.

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