Like firefighters: they use goats to prevent forest fires in the United States

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Forest fires represent a great problem for nature and humanity itself. Fortunately, goats have become great allies in preventing this type of incident, especially in USA. How? We tell you all the details in the following history.

Since 2014, herds of goats have been used to prevent forest fires in a city located in Yolo County, in the US state of California.

These animals are responsible for clearing brush and tall grass in potentially flammable places, as explained . This allows firebreaks to be created, that is, an open space that helps stop a fire.

On May 20, for example, two fires broke out on the Village Parkway, which threatened to spread to nearby houses, according to what he recalls. however, about 400 goats cleared the brush from the complex and practically stopped the fire.

“For mid-May in 20-plus years in the fire service, this is one of the driest I’ve ever seen,” West Sacramento Fire Captain Jason Hunter had said at the time.

More goats for the city

Due to the success of the goats, Post Paul Hosley, a spokesman for the city of West Sacramento, indicated that in April, $150,000 was paid for a herd of goats. These herbivores have already made tours during March and May

“They can get to places where lawnmowers can’t go, they eat all day without complaining, and the fertilizer is free,” Hosley said. “They are amazing, they will eat anything. Prickly foxtails, poisonous weeds, tall grass, even tree leaves. They will stand on their hind legs to reach them,” she continued.

In addition to California, more than a dozen states in the United States regularly use goats for fire control, including Nevada, Oregon and New Mexico. In addition, herders also use goats to remove invasive plant species.

What is a forest fire?

According to In Ecuador, forest fires are called fires that spread without control, especially in rural areas, affecting vegetation such as trees, bushes, grasses and crops.

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