Like 1899: Netflix just canceled another popular series after one season


Once again, Netflix is ​​in the news for canceling another of its most talked about animation projects in recent times. Next, the reflection of its creator and are there reasons?

Like 1899: Netflix just canceled another popular series after one season.
© NetflixLike 1899: Netflix just canceled another popular series after one season.

2023 has not started in the best way for the original content of the streaming service Netflixsince in the first days the surprising news arrived that 1899 it had been canceled and would not have a second season. This caught the attention of subscribers as it was a title they were waiting for and they maintain a discrepancy that has increased in recent hours with the announcement of another series that will not return.

We are talking about Inside Job either Undercover Work, as it was known in Latin America. This adult animated show was officially released on the platform on October 22, 2021 and its renewal was immediately reported, so the production was already working on the new episodes. However, its creator Shion Takeuchi issued a statement on their networks making the abrupt end official.

“Sorry guys. It’s true”mention the tweet with the lines that begin as follows: “I am heartbroken to confirm that Netflix has decided to cancel season 2 of Inside Job. Over the years these characters have become real people to me and I am devastated that I cannot see them grow up.”. He continued: “Reagan and Brett deserved to have their end and finally find happiness”.

Lastly, he thanked the fans: “To everyone who watched, thank you for joining us on the journey. As sad as I am, it helps to know that there are people who care as much about these characters as I do.”. On the other hand, the writer Chase Mitchell He was more blunt in a comment that he later deleted: “That streaming doesn’t care about animation anymore, so who cares…”.

Inside Job, of 10 episodes, followed the government in the shadows and a dysfunctional team whose daily routine is nothing other than turning to all the conspiracies in the world. It mainly revolves around Reagan Ridley, a tech-savvy but socially-denied woman who is cast as the odd one out in an office with reptilians and psychic mushrooms, but she maintains her will to get a promotion.

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