‘Liga Da Justiça’ on HBO Max – Reminisce about the best moments from the animated series

Bruce Timm’s animation introduced DC Comics characters to an entire generation

Available in the HBO Max catalog, both Justice League animations (including the Unlimited) represent an important part of the history of DC Comics in the beginning of the 21st century. Such productions not only continued the work developed by Bruce Timm e Paul Dini in the early 1990s as they presented a range of characters infinitely greater than what had been introduced so far for a young audience.

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For the Brazilian public, more specifically, such animations were part of the schedule of many in the period of childhood and adolescence; sometimes leaving an indelible mark left by certain episodes. There is no program composed solely of exciting episodes, however the ones that stay in the memory are usually those that, at the right time, leave their best moments marked forever.

The first two episodes of Justice League are very interesting for some creative decisions. He not only shows a first contact between the heroes, giving up the path of introducing the league as something established, but also seeks an unexpected inspiration in different works to compose the threat of the Martian invasion.

The classic by HG Wells was “adapted” in the first episodes

The book War two worlds, from H. G. Wells, is the example that immediately comes to mind, due to the similarity between Martian weapons and tripods. However, it is also worth noting the similarity of the plot in which Martians infiltrate terrestrial politics with the film Body Invaders (remake of Soul Vampires).

  • for the man who has everything

Adapt a story signed by Alan Moore in a children’s animation it may seem like an unusual idea, at the very least. That’s because the author is known for his more adult-oriented works, in which he tends to psychologically twist the characters he works with. Still, the adaptation work for the episode managed to fit the atmosphere of the cartoon.

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One of the classic Superman moments

In both versions, the birthday boy Superman is still the victim of Mongul, who using an alien plant traps the hero in a dream in which Krypton never exploded and there he grew up and raised a family. However, while the animated version left out much of the alien planet setting, in the story of Moore Kryptonian society is disintegrating in an environment of violence, religious fanaticism and pollution.

The conclusion, as well as the story’s dramatic apex, however, remains intact in both versions. As he bids farewell to his imaginary son, Superman demonstrates a touching vulnerability that eventually turns into hatred for Mongul.

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The last arc of the classic stage of Justice League presents the race of the Hawkwoman heroine as a real threat to humanity. Worse than that is the blow to the group that the heroine has been a spy for the thanagarians all along; something that reverberates mainly in the alien’s relationship with Green Lantern John Stewart.

The arc’s completion still involves an iconic Batman moment, in which he is ready to sacrifice himself by launching the League Watchtower against the invaders’ base on Earth. A powerful moment of affirmation of this version of the hero.

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