Life is a TeleKwai: the microfiction section that Kwai adds to his social network

The audiovisual productions they have no limits. Is that more and more platforms that allow new formats to tell stories and reach wider audiences. With streaming movies and series more on the rise than ever, Kwai thought of an innovative way to tell short and self-concluding plots. In this sense comes TeleKwai, a project developed for seven months that already has surprising results in Latin America.

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It is a renewed look at entertainment, consisting of microfictions that are published on the social network under the hashtag #TeleKwai and #LaVidaEsUnTeleKwai. In this way, Latin American production companies partnered with the application to start generating quality content with soap opera overtones. And although everything began to take shape from China, there are more and more content creators joining from Latin America.

Argentina, is one of those countries with the greatest potential. Is that Kwai, one of the applications developed by Kuaishou Tech, knew how to establish itself in the world as one of the leading platforms in the market, prioritizing the content and monetization of young people who today want to act and get involved in productions of all kinds. Far from memes or challenges, now the app mainly bets on the short stories in videos of maximum 80 seconds.

For that he summoned MCN (multi-channel network), companies or producers that are in charge of thinking, producing and carrying out the production of at least 500 monthly videos in which content creators have their space to show off and grow on the platform with the help of the algorithm. Local production companies like The Flia are in charge of selecting their talents to tell stories of drama, love and comedy that later accumulate millions of reproductions.

They are almost 50 million views which accumulates this new format of mini novels that today arrive in Latin America to continue expanding their team and inviting users to enjoy this renewed way of consuming stories. Spoiler was not left out! So You can now follow us to see more content on our official profile: @ spoiler.bolavip.

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